Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What is Playing Wednesday

This week I have been tuning into the new Matt and Kim album Sidewalks. Its just so much fun and full of the upbeat music that I just love from them! If you are already a fan of Matt and Kim, what you will find with the new album is that it is a little more polished and more "pop" sounding, but still great and it still has that fun, fresh sound that makes them so awesome!

The first single from the album is it is!

But my personal favorite from the album is Block after Block. Check them out...they are a fun addition to your iPod!



  1. Hi!!I found you on the Bloggy Moms Blog Hop! Following you now!! Hope you'll stop by and visit.

  2. Thanks so much for checking out my newest flower hair clip! I love positive comments about my creations, that is what motivates me to keep going.

    November Girlxoxo

  3. Hi! Just found you on the Bloggy Moms blog hop. Following you now. Stop by if you have a sec :)


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