Thursday, December 9, 2010

My how the times have changed

Things definitely change when you become a parent. It used to be so easy to just get up and go. Go anywhere that you wanted. At any time that you wanted. To anywhere that you wanted.

But, having a child completely changes that. There are no more spontaneous dates with your spouse. There are no more late night, last minute meet-ups with friends at the local bar. No more spur of the weekend trips away. Now it seems like everything needs to be planned. Preschool/daycare informed. Babysitters set up. Nap times & meal plans taken into account.

But, as my husband and I unfortunately learned this week, even planning in advance doesn’t always mean that everything goes as planned. A few months ago I had bought tickets to go see Hair with my husband as a date night and we were pretty excited to do and see it.  (Well…at least I was, he was just obliging my request for him to attend, as a good husband should!) We arranged for a babysitter months ago, we confirmed with her a week ago, last night we sent her a text to remind her and set a firm time for her to come and guess what happened? Yep, we got a text back that she had forgotten and had other plans. Ugh! With it being the night before and during the holiday season, it is next to impossible to find a babysitter that doesn’t already have plans. So, needless to say, our plans are cancelled and the tickets were given to a good friend that is really excited at the chance to go.

My how things have changed in my life…4 years ago, there would have been no depending on someone else in order for us to get a night out together. We would have just went and had a great time, no worrying about others or scrambling at the last minute to find a sitter. But now…now, things are so very different, and the strange thing is that I wouldn’t want things any other way!

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  1. Totally agree, I wouldn't have it any other way either:) Jen


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