Friday, December 10, 2010

Why it's important to get family photos

So, in what seems to be the theme of the year for me, I got a little bit of a late start on the Christmas cards. Me late on, it never happens. Now I know that you are's only the 10th of December. You're not late at all...but for me I usually have the cards already in the mail at this point, so I feel behind. Very behind. And with the little get together that we are hosting this weekend, I probably won't get the cards into the mail until Monday or Tuesday and that is late, oh so very late!

Since having a kiddo, we have done a photo card each year and I have always made sure to get our photos taken professionally, but this year we haven't had the time nor have we had the money to get our photos done, so I had to go searching through the archives of photos that I have taken to find something that would work for the card.

The unfortunate thing about using our own photos is that I am the photographer for our family and that translates into mommy is never in any photos...almost every photo is just of Caleb or of Caleb & Chris, but no family photos. Boooo to that!!!

So here is our Christmas Card this year:

So because of the whole no family photo thing, I just went with a super cute one of Caleb and everyone that gets this will just have to try to remember what Chris & I look like. Hopefully their memories pull up the skinny Jenn! (ps. we got our cards at Costco this year...and they are awesome! Easy to do, done in 24 hours and you can get 50 cards for only $14.99. Score!)

And yes, a select few of you will be getting this handsome little devil to hang on your fridge. Be jealous very jealous!

I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend, whether it be celebrating season with some holiday parties, getting some Christmas shopping done or just hanging around the house. Have a great one!



  1. i always do a card of just the girls...sometimes us but getting this family together to take one was insane...and i'm way behind too...i haven't even started printing! cute card! happy holidays

  2. Following you from the Fabulous Friday Follow! Great post - I am actually putting one together now about family photographs as a shout out to our wonderful photographer!
    Happy Holidays and follow back if you would like:

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    The Dad!


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