Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Doing it the hard way

My mat at boot camp.

Anyone that knows me knows that I want to be thinner.

That I want to be more fit. And healthier.

And that I've tried just about everything to make it happen. I've done crash diets. I've done fad diets. I've done wraps. You name it...I've done it. Even crazy ones like HCG. And yes the weight comes off. It sometimes comes off fast and makes me feel all awesome & stuff.


And it's a big butt (yep...pun intended) none of it ever stays off. It just comes right back and sometimes even with a couple of extra pounds that it brings along for the ride. You know...just like those people that come to stay with you for a while, but instead they take up residence on your couch, eat all your food and never pay rent or utilities. Those kind of extra pounds. So it's awesome...I lose 15 but gain back 18 or 20. Yay me! :(

Setting up for boot camp.
Well, I've decided that I need to make a change. A big one.

I need to do it the hard way. 

You know...the right way.

The way with a good diet. And exercise. And lots of water.

So as a way to get this thing going I've been going to an outdoor boot camp 4 days a week for the past couple of months. I've been drinking more water. I've been eating less fast food and trying to make healthier choices.

And the weight...well, it's coming off. Not as fast as I would like. But it is coming off and I'm hoping it continues to keep coming off. And this time that it stays off.


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