Monday, November 7, 2011

#7 - Thankfulness Challenge

Hi...I am doing a Thankfulness Challenge for the month of November.
If anyone is wanting to join in please do...There isn't any linkup.
Just pull the badge art (at bottom of this post) and put it in your post.
#7 - I am thankful for the internet and what it has brought me!

Blogging, Mom websites, Facebook, Twitter...they have all helped me to make some amazing friendships. While some of them are in cyberspace only...others are now friends in real life also. Some of my closest IRL friends are rekindled friendships through Facebook. While others are mom's that I met through websites dedicated to mom's and motherhood.
The internet is an amazing place that really brings people that otherwise would never get to meet together. I have met amazing ladies that help me with photography questions, some that helped me when I was starting my photography business, ones that have encouraged me when I'm feeling down...and I do the same for them! I may never meet these women (and a few men) in person, but I consider them my friends.


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