Friday, October 28, 2011

22 Things I've Done

I'm 34 year old and I've....
1) Had my heart broken and broken a few myself.
2) Laughed so hard that I peed my pants.
3) Married my best friend.
4) Watched my grandmother take her last breath.
5) Slept on a beach.
6) Lied to my mom about where I was going and instead went to a party 200 miles away.
7) Had a night in Vegas that was unbelievable and will never be repeated or discussed.
8) Skinny dipped in a lake.
9) Was a summer camp counselor for 3 years straight.
10) Went "ice skating" on a frozen manure pond.
11) Met Hilary Clinton while she was first lady in the middle of the night in the hallway of a hotel in Portland, OR.
12) Suffered a miscarriage. Twice.

13) Went streaking at age 13 at a friend's birthday party.
14) Got a tattoo on my 18th birthday.
15) Given birth via c-section to a handsome, sweet, kind baby boy!
16) Been on so many roadtrips with my husband that we've lost count.
17) Went to a real, authentic, non-touristy Hawaiian luau in Hawaii for my nephew's 1st birthday.
18) Went to Washington, DC in 8th grade while in a wheelchair because I had torn my ACL 2 weeks before the trip and I wasn't about to miss it.
19) Got lost up on Mt. St. Helens while Christmas tree hunting with my husband and in-laws. We drove around on forest service roads in a snowstorm for almost 6 hours. I cried and my FIL got so scared that we had to stop to let him pee before he peed himself.

20) Finally graduated from college at the age of 32.
21) Got bit by a mouse while trying to help my cat catch it. The mouse then would not let go so I had to drive to the emergency room with said mouse still attached to my middle finger to have it removed...and get a rabies shot.
22) Sat on 3 different juries.


  1. Great list, but #21 is one of the most horrific thing I have ever heard. There is no way I could do it.

  2. good list! Very interesting! Especially the mouse one haha:)

    visiting from Mama Kat's :)


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