Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm behind...

So, I'm completely and totally behind. Well at least in my personal, photo posting on here. But for those that actually care (ahem...I'm talking to you dad!) and want to see a couple of photos from Halloween..here you go!
And since Halloween was on a Monday we had a full weekend of fun events to do!

Halloween weekend as seen by my iPhone:

First we went to a party.

Kiddo's lining up for a game.
And what a fine party it was!! My friend Melissa hosted a kids Halloween party at her house and I loved seeing all the kiddos all dressed up, playing games, running, laughing and eating!

Then we went to another party.

The uber-talented Nicole and her power tools.

My next door neighbor Becky & her daughter Kaylee

Caleb & Chris scooping out the insides.

Our finished pirate ship pumpkin.

And at this party the adults drank some alcohol, the kids at some hotdogs and we all carved our pumpkins. Thank you to my awesome next door neighbor Becky for hosting!

Then we went Trick-Or-Treating.

Supah Ninja Caleb

And finally it was over.

Notice the chocolate candy stain around his lips...

The end.

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  1. Oh Halloween...it feels like forever ago already. I felt the way Caleb looked...pooped!!!


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