Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Late Holiday Photo Recap

This post is super late and won't have a lot of words, but I know that the grandparents have been waiting for these photos! So here is Christmas and New Years in snapshots...Enjoy!

Going through his stocking...with the aftermath of opening behind him!

Proudly showing off his bounty!

And now he's crashed out on the floor in his new monster towel! So hilarious!

Chris, Caleb & nephew Keola at Grandma's house for Xmas dinner

Chris' birthday is also Christmas he is in his "special" crown

Happy 34th Birthday sweetie!

Sparklers on New Year's Eve...first year they are legal in AZ!

Caleb & Chris using the outside fireplace to light their sparklers!

It was a really fun year, mostly because Caleb was finally old enough to completely get all of the holiday traditions. A very wonderful fitting end to the year...and I can't wait for the many more memories that will come throughout 2011!

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