Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Boy

Birthday boy on the left enjoying his BBQ with frieds
The month of January holds a special place in my heart...not only because it is the month that is the calm after the storm that is called the "holiday season" but mostly because it is the month that my son was born in. My little Caleb turned 4 this year and this was the first year that we had a birthday party for him that he could invite his school friends to. He was super excited and talked every day about how he was going to be a big boy when he turned four and it was so cute to hear how excited he was for his special day and his birthday party.

We decided to just keep it small and low key and just had the party in our backyard. It's one the great things about living in can actually have a party outside during the winter months and you really don't have to worry about the rain or it being too cold. So, since the party was at our house, I called and rented a bounce house for him and his friends and we BBQ'd.

Now if you remember from this post about his invitations he originally wanted to have a Cowboy themed party, but after received the Toy Story 3 DVD for Christmas the party morphed into a Buzz & Woody party (thank goodness there was still a cowboy involved since I ordered something special for him and his guests!)

The kids all had a really great time bouncing, riding bikes, playing in Caleb's room, eating burgers & hotdogs and big pieces of cake!

(And heck, what's a party without a little vomit, right? One of the kids threw up all over our living room from all of the excitement...'cause a party at the Schell's is sometimes just too much for some people to handle!)

Happy 4th Birthday baby boy!

And here is something special that I ordered from the wonderful Terri over at Fresh Cut Flours to give to all of the guests as a thank you gift for coming! They were so cute and all of the kids (and parents) thought they were a great replacement for the traditional goodie bags.

Photo from Fresh Cut Flours (Since I forgot to take one myself!)

It was such a perfect day for a party and everyone had so much I would say that it was definitely a success!

ps. I really cannot believe that my baby boy is now 4. I am in total and complete denial. Seriously. I think I may need some professional help about this.


  1. what a great birthday! My daughter turns 5 next week (EEK!) and we are having a cowgirl themed birthday at a working barn! She is SUPER excited to say the least!

    I love those cowboy boot treats! :)

    New follower - loving the blog! Hope you'll stop by for a visit on my lil piece of the bloggyverse - I have lots of great activties I post to do with lil ones! :)


  2. HI! Thanks so much for stopping by and following me! I am following you lovely site too! Have a great day!


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