Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Preschool Event

Last week we got the chance to watch little Caleb take part in his first public performance...the wonderful preschool Winter Gala. It was so much fun...and so incredibly cute. They had each of the age groups do a little "performance" for the parents. And my little one LOVED getting to do it.

He had been telling us for the weeks leading up to the performance all about it...everything except the names of the songs that he would be singing because that was supposed to be a surprise. And the fact that he kept the secret was a big deal, because he is the world's worst secret keeper.

(Bad secret keeping example: Just before Christmas Caleb asked loudly at the dinner table if he could get a new watch like the one that mommy was giving to daddy for Christmas. So, surprise ruined, but my hubby tried to "pretend" that he didn't hear. Yeah right, you didn't hear that question asked when it was practically yelled at you from 2 feet away)

Chris filmed the whole event and we have had fun watching it a few times because the kids are all hilarious! Here are a few photos from the afternoon...and what a perfect afternoon it was. It was the second week of January and we were able to be outside without any jackets or winter wear on. Yep, there is definitely a reason that I LOVE calling Arizona home!

First they sang the days of the week and months of the year song.

Then they moved onto the Tootie Tots song...if you haven't heard this song, you are missing out! It is absolutely hilarious!
Thumbs up!
Elbows back!
This one is bottoms out...but Caleb refused to do that part!

Then they headed back to the classroom for a special gift from their teacher.(They all got marshmallows and balloons!)
A proud daddy with our little "singing star"

It really was a lot of fun....and pretty darn funny!


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  1. One of the greatest joy's of motherhood is watching your children!

    Stopping by from Totally Tuesday Blog Hop. I'm following you!

    Shibley Smiles


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