Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What is Playing Wednesdays

Alright, this week's choice is a homage to my preteen years. A look back into who we were in the late '80s, back when I thought that it was really cool to have big bangs and wear my penny loafers with pants pegged. Yep...I was super dorky cool.

Since they were on the AMA awards this week, I have decided to spotlight New Kids on the Block. And, no...not their newer stuff. The old stuff. The awesome stuff. And yes, I am doing the dances from these videos in my living room while this is playing and teaching them to my son. 'Cause darn it...he will be super cool, just like I was.

ps. Don't worry, my musical tastes have improved since this. Well all depends on the day. And the mood. And what cd's I have in the car.

So here's to "Hanging Tough" through the Thanksgiving weekend!!


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