Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Son's New Best Friend

So my son has a new best's our Christmas tree. From the way that he acts around the tree you would think that the tree was alive. He talks to it. He protects it from our cats and our dog. He rearranges the ornaments constantly.

It's super cute, but I'm getting really tired of hearing myself say all day long, "Caleb leave the tree alone," or "Caleb don't touch, you'll break something," or as it has morphed into, " know that Santa can see you and he knows when you do bad things."

Yep, after only three days of "Christmas time" I have already resorted to the old mom standby of using Santa as a threatening device. And so far it has worked...Let's see how long this lasts!

Decorating the tree
Add more "pretties" to the tree
Daddy trying to get Caleb to take a photo break
Caleb & Daddy working together to pick the "right" one

Proud decorator, next to his new "best friend"
Caleb & daddy
Caleb's favorite new photo pose
Caleb & mommy in the new favorite pose


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  2. Hah, that's so cute. I fear what my 4 yo will do with our tree this year. I am also wondering how your son will react when it is time to part with the tree. Oh boy, I hope it all goes well.

  3. Those pictures are darling, I love your page :) I'm glad to be a new friend!

    Come visit when you can

    Peace & Love

  4. Isn't it something when a Christmas Tree makes the house and kids feel so warm, happy and snuggly:) love it! we just did ours too!:) he's so adorable! i like the new best friend! xoxo


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