Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Halloween that went on, and on, and on...

This year it seemed like Halloween was never going to end! We had a harvest party at Caleb’s preschool, pumpkin carving night, and two days of trick or treating...all in one week!

But along with being long, it was also such a FUN year. Caleb finally got what it was about and he wasn’t afraid of knocking on doors and he actually would say “Trick or Treat” when people answered the door instead of running and hiding behind mom's legs.

It was so cute to watch Caleb and his friends literally run from house to house just to have the chance to say trick or treat and get their candy. What a fun, long weekend spent with my lovely little family and great friends I can't wait to see what next year will bring...I don't know if it can top this one!

In the bounce house at the preschool Harvest Party
Rosy red cheeks courtesy of bounce house jumping for 1 solid hour
Showing off mom and dad's carved pumpkins
Caleb & I just before heading out for our first trick or treating of the year
Caleb and his favorite Star Wars character.
He is still talking about meeting him!
Caleb and his "bestest" friend just before trick or treating on Halloween
Three kids, three cameras...each one looking at a different one!
Now if I can only get Caleb to stop asking to wear his Spiderman costume everyday and every night!


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  4. Wow! What a handsome little man :)

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  5. The photos are so cute. it looks like they had the best Halloween ever.

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  7. Those are all such great pictures!


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