Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Newborn Baby Photos - Beautiful Alexa I've been having some major baby fever lately. Majorly.

I think it's because lately everywhere I turn I've been hearing about babies! I have many friends that are pregnant or have just given birth. And so many of my blogland friends are preggers right now too! (Must have been a cold winter!)

So with all this talk of babies...I've been wanting to snuggle one. Smell their new baby smell. Squish their little feet and hands. And this weekend I finally got to do that! A good friend of mine just had a baby last Wednesday and she invited me to come over and get experience with my very first newborn photo shoot!

And what an amazing "client" for my first newborn shoot. She was sweet, snuggly and wonderfully cooperative the entire time!

And beautiful. Oh so beautiful!

 Welcome to the world little Alexa!



  1. Hi Jenn, Love to keep up with your blog, news, recipes and Caleb! What a doll. Sounds/reads like you and Chris are doing well. So happy for you.

    Your friend from The Columbian, Denise Sandvig

  2. Jenn
    You are a natural!!! Thank you for capturing these precious moments of our sweet baby girl. Steve can't wait to take them back to North Cal and show them off ;)
    We love you!!!!


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