Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mother Daughter Love & a Secret Photo Shoot

I've been hard at work editing photos and planning for some new photo shoots and I just realized that I hadn't shown photos from this one from about 6 weeks ago.

I had the delight of working with Becky and her daughter Shannon for a secret photo shoot as a father's day gift to her husband Marshall. I had sooo much fun with them...our afternoon was full of laughter, smiles and amazing light! What a wonderful pair to work with!


The love between these two was just amazing...I have known both mom and daughter for years and I can't believe what a beautiful young woman Shannon has grown up to be! I can't wait to photograph both of them again!



  1. That is such a lovely idea I want to do that when my boys get older and more willing to take photographs lol!! Or at least when they become bribe-able lol!!

  2. So gorgeous! Both the women and the photos! You have such a natural talent for this Jen! Lovelovelove!


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