Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An Average Summer Weekday

Summer days seem to be so much more hectic for us than any other time of the year! With us living in Arizona you would think that it would be the exact opposite...and for most people I think that it is. Most people I know, just hibernate inside in their homes underneath the fan, enjoying the air conditioning, but of course I'm not one to go with the flow!

5:00am – Wake up

5:10 – Out to door to run/walk (I’m training for the Portland to Coast relay up in Oregon at the end of August)

6:20 – Back home to take the dog out

6:35 – Shower & Get ready for work

7:00 – Wake up Caleb (if he’s not already up)

7:05 – Breakfast for Caleb & I

7:15 – Get Caleb Ready for School

7:20 – Take the dog out again

7:25 – Take Caleb to Preschool/Daycare

8:00 – Start Work (Hectic days usually filled with client appointments, work meetings, ad design, etc)

4:30pm – Off Work & go get Caleb from Preschool

5:30 – Swim Lessons

6:00 – Take dog out for a quick run/walk

6:15 – Start Dinner (usually with my super awesome little helper Caleb)

6:45 – Hubby home & Dinner Time

7:15 – Quick Family Swim, board games or just general fun times!

8:00 – Story Time & Bedtime ritual for Caleb

8:30 – A little catch-up time with the DVR, blogging time, new recipe experimenting & snuggle time with hubby

10:00 – Bedtime (So that I can get ready to start it all over again tomorrow!)

And since my husband works in retail, this can change on any given day since his days off each week change...which just helps to add to the chaos! My household seems to usually be in a bit of a rush, but it's always full of fun times, laughter and snuggles!!  (I am also usually squeezing in photo shoots in the evenings about once a week.)

So how does your average day go? Anything like mine? Are things busier in the summer or quieter?


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