Monday, July 18, 2011

Just keep swimming

This summer has been full of lots of sunshine and LOTS of swimming! Caleb has been in swimming lessons for the last few months and he is getting really good. He can swim the backstroke, the breaststroke and freestyle. (He’s still got some work on the butterfly!)

Caleb & swim lesson friend Joey doing the backstroke
Having a pool means that we HAVE to make sure that Caleb can swim, so he’s been in swim lessons since he was 18 months old! Now for me I learned how to swim the old fashioned way…with my dad throwing me in the river and expecting me to find my way to the surface and back to the bank. My husband on the other hand, also grew up with a pool and took swim lessons as a kid, and after watching me swim (I look like I’m having a seizure when I freestyle) he knew that REAL swim lessons would be needed for Caleb. Since school starts next week for the kids in our neighborhood, swim lessons are over for the summer but here are some photos from the last session!

Preparing to dive

Joey showing Caleb how it's done!

My little diver boy!

Taking off for the backstroke!

And as Dory in Finding Nemo says…”Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!”



  1. great little swimmers you have!! I teach my kids how to swim myself since I have my silver cross :)

  2. Aww, they look like they're enjoying themselves!!!


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