Saturday, July 31, 2010

A "Do Nothing" Saturday

Today was the kind of day that rarely happens in Arizona. It was almost like a day back in Washington...cloudy all day, raining off and on, but the big difference is that it was also almost 100 degrees outside while being those things.

So, since hubby was working all day, Caleb and I took a day off from everything. We just lounged around in our jammies all morning...heck I didn't even shower until almost noon! We watched TV, played cars & trains, put a puzzle together, colored, and napped. It is so nice to not leave the house all day and just hang out together. Most weekends are filled with birthday parties, shopping, errands and just lots of things to do...but not this weekend. And, let me tell you...I LOVE IT!

Now tomorrow, we have to leave the house and get groceries for the week, but I think that we may take the rest of that day off too and just make it a weekend of just about nothing. And you know what? I don't feel one bit guilty about it!

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