Thursday, July 22, 2010

The "Details" of Las Vegas

This time in Las Vegas, we didn't have a lot of money to spend...the budget is stretched a little thin in our household, as I am sure is the way across most of American right now. So we just took our time walking around the different hotels and casinos on our end of the strip.

Getting to have this "extra" time walking around, I started noticing all of the little details and beauty that goes into the big hotels in Las Vegas. As they say, "it's all in the details!" My hubby made fun of me, but after noticing all of the details, I began taking photos of just about everything. I absolutely love my new camera and I am really starting to get used to all of the settings and I was having fun taking all kinds of photos.

Here are some of the "details" from our hotel:

As you can tell, I was really having fun with my camera!

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  1. Love the pics!!! Tom would totally make fun of me too, but he has become pretty used to it now.


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