Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My version of the "Boys of Summer"

On the day that we took the kids mini-golfing, the same place also had three different go-kart tracks for lots and lots of racing fun. Us girls just sat back and watched and cheered our "boys of summer" on (but I think we secretly wish we had raced also) and took photos.

First off the smaller set of boys rode on the track just for children. They had so much fun!

Thomas was already a pro at driving the go-karts...

...but, Caleb had never ridden in one, let alone drove one. So for the first few times around the track, the man working the track took Caleb on a teaching ride, letting him just sit in the go-kart while the worker steered, gave the kart gas all while giving Caleb tips on how to drive the kart.

After a few times around the track with his instructor, Caleb was let loose on his own.

And the kiddo did a pretty good job...especially since he was so short that he had to slink all the way down in the seat to get his foot to reach the pedal!

Next up all four boys rode on the family track, with the dads driving and the kids riding along!

And finally, the big boys decided to race each other on the fast track...with the little boys cheering their dads on!

Sorry if I am boring you with all of my vacation posts, but this mama likes to take photos and document EVERYTHING! But, don't worry I've just got only one more up my sleeve for later in the week.

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