Monday, July 26, 2010

An ALL CAPS kinda day

Today was definitely a MONDAY...yep, one that is in all caps.

Left the house later than I planned this morning. (negative)

Morning coffee meeting. (positive)

Left work early. (positive)

But, I had to leave work to take Roxy to the vet for a cyst. Vet was a little alarmed and will call me Wednesday with the results. (doubly negative)

Took Caleb to the Doctor to have his thumb looked at. He slammed it in the shower door on Friday and it has steadily gotten worse, and very infected...I think it's as red at Rudolph's nose and twice as big as his other thumb. (doubly negative)

But the kiddo was a real trooper and didn't cry once! (positive)

So, needless to say, the negatives of my day outweighed the positives, but it's my life and I love it for all that it is...the good and the bad! Just keep the little one in your thoughts and pray for quick healing.

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