Friday, July 23, 2010

Feeling Crafty!

Lately I have been feeling very creative, and I am just itching to get all of my craft stuff out and organized and start making things again. 

Ever since I had my son Caleb, my world has just been a whirlwind. When I was pregnant with him, we had to pack up most of the stuff in our office and combine our office and our guest room together since we needed a room for our new baby. My craft stuff was packed up and I really haven’t touched it since. As anyone who becomes a mom knows, having a baby takes up all of your time…tack on being a fulltime working mom and the task is even harder. There is no time to breathe, let alone getting “free time” to work on crafting. And as most of you know, I then tackled going back to college just after my son turned 1. The past few years have rarely left any time for me at all.

But things are changing! I am finally done with school, so no more nights away from home or long hours spent reading textbooks, writing papers or doing homework. AND, my son is finally at a point that he can play by himself sometimes…while it’s hard for me to handle that he is becoming so independent, it is also giving me the chance to get that all elusive “free time” that others talk about.

So, I think that it’s time to get out my crafting stuff and get to work. But a few things must happen first:

#1 - Rearrange the office/guest room. I have a plan in mind, but will need a certain hubby to help with the heavy lifting.

Craft Room Inspiration #1: Shelves, storage, stuff...oh my!
#2 - Make a place for me…I’m thinking shelves on the wall, a nice big workspace and some new task lighting. Ohhh…the possibilities are endless!

Craft Room Inspiration #2: This workspace is just heavenly...lots of natural light and everything in it's place!

#3 - Get my stuff out. Look at it. Decide what is good, what is bad, what to keep, what to sell. Take inventory.

#4 - Get everything within arms reach. Organize things and get everything ready for step 5.
Craft Room Inspiration #3: Another pretty space, in RED!...with a place for everything and everything in it's place!
#5 - Work on some projects. Maybe tackle scrapbooking my son’s first 3 years? Maybe make some cards? Maybe make some jewelry? I will probably settle on the scrapbooking aspect…I really want to make sure that our lives are chronicled and the memories saved.

Oh my…I am getting so excited, I can barely contain myself!
Now, I’m off to call my hubby to talk to him about all of my ideas!
I’ll keep you all up on the progress and post photos along the way.


  1. You go girl!! I actually spent my day and organizing my craftroom/office. I am now tired, but itching to get started on a project or two.

  2. Your inspiration photos are awesome, especially #2. I used to have a craft room pre-babies. Someday...


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