Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mini Golf Adventure

While on vacation up in the White Mountains of Arizona, we got to take Caleb mini golfing for the first time. Our fellow vacationing family, the Moore's, were also there with us and Caleb had two other golfers playing the course with him, Thomas and Taylor. The kids all had so much fun!

First off we had to wait our turn to play the can see my little monkey's
excitement all over his face!

For Caleb's first shot Daddy attempted to show him what to do...

But of course my little Mr. Independent had his own way to do kinda looks more like he's playing hockey, but it seemed to get the job done!

So once again, daddy tried his hardest to show Caleb how to hold his golf club correctly...

 But yet again...that crazy golf stroke was out again about 1 minute later.

But all in all it was all about the kids having a good time, and us adults sure had a good
time laughing at all the fun the kids were having!

Our friends daughter, Taylor.
Happy boy after making the hole!
Caleb and his golfing buddy Thomas.

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