Monday, May 23, 2011

Pooltime fun

Just a couple of shot of my family having fun in the pool over the weekend! I've really been having fun with getting some great action shots lately...I am so glad that I learned to shoot in manual from my photography class or I never would get to have these photos!

I hope that everyone had as great of a weekend as I did! It's just been busy, busy, busy around here trying to fit everything in lately...I sometimes need more hours in the day to get everything accomplished!

Happy Monday & here's to a great upcoming week!  Cheers!


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun!!! I wish it was hot enough to go swimming where I live!!!

  2. Congratulations for learning to shoot in manual. Isn't it amazing, how it takes your photography to the next level? These shots are great. I especially love that second pic where your husband is emerging from the water along with the phoenix on his tattoo. Whether or not you set the shot up this way, it's so artistically cool!
    Thanks for joining Alicia and I in our Crazy Days of Summer photo challenge. I'm following you now via GFC and would love for you to join us again next week, when we tackle a new theme: YELLOW.
    Have a great day...


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