Monday, May 9, 2011

Harding Girls Photo Session

I was lucky last week to have one of my friends and her girls let me take their photos so that I could practice with my new camera and work on an assignment for my photography class. I had so much fun and they were so very, very patient with me...which is great because I'm pretty slow at getting my setting right!

The photos are going to be a Father's Day gift for their dad/husband & I think he's going to be pretty happy with his gift! Here are the best shots from the afternoon...

I am so happy, happy, happy with the results. The lighting was perfect. The girls were easy to work with. Their clothes were just adorable. And Grandma even got in on the action. (Which was really a special thing because the girls don't have very many photos with their Grandma!)

Aren't they a beautiful family?



  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Great job. I have to say, I'm honestly a little bit jealous.

  2. Jenn, we had such a wonderful time. You have a natural eye
    My dear! I think we were the lucky ones:)
    Thank you for some truly fabulous pictures!!!


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