Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Edit Me Challenge - Week 2

So here is my submission for this week's Edit Me challenge over at My Reflection of Something. Let me know what you think! (Hover your mouse over the photo to see the before & after.)

Roll your mouse over the photo to see before and after.

My Edit
My goal with this photo was to make it almost dream-like, so this week I used actions from Totally Rad

1) I used Technicolor Dream World & P.O.S. Lens actions.*

2) Next I adjusted the hue & saturation of blue to make the sky more blue and the green one for the grass.

3) I then added a vignette to the edges so that your eye goes right to the old wagon in the middle of of the photo.

*Don't ask me what my percentages were...I totally forgot to write them down before I flattened the image! (doh!!!) & I used Photoshop CS5 to edit.

 My Reflection of Something


ps. Isn't that roll over feature that I used on my photo cool? Here is a tutorial on how to do it!


  1. Very dreamy and I love the quote! :)

  2. I really like it. Great job with the quote.

  3. Very dreamy indeed! I love how blue you made the sky too :)

  4. The vignette made the sky more bluish, and the quote was just perfect for the image.

  5. beautiful edit. Love the quote. :)

  6. Creative edit! I'm loving all the variety of edits I'm seeing. Thank you so much for participating. It's fun to see how other people would edit my photo. I’ve got a new contest now called Favorite Photo of the Week if you would like to check it out and participate.

  7. I love the colors, and I am indeed getting the dreamy feel. Fantastic job! So glad you linked up!


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