Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm a big baby's confession time...

A confession about what a big baby I am...

I have a pool. And, I'm not gonna lie…I absolutely love having one. When my husband and I were originally talking about moving down to Arizona about 7 years ago, I made him promise me that our house would have a pool. I knew, especially since I had never lived anywhere except Washington State, that I would not be able to handle the heat of summer in the desert without one. Also, since I grew up in a climate where it rains 7-8 months of the year, almost no one had a pool and it was such a novelty to even imagine being able to have one...especially one in my own backyard! For us swimming was something that you did in a lake or a river…and that water was COLD!

But now I that I lived in Arizona for over six years, I have completely adjusted to the temperature down here and I get cold so, so easily...I can’t even imagine swimming in anything except a pool that has water that is at least 85 degrees.

I know…what a freakin’ baby I’ve turned out to be! But, at least I can say that I don’t ever complain about the heat anymore. Just the cold…and yes, my idea of cold is completely differernt than most of the country’s idea of it. I don’t like anything under 50 degrees…and even then it’s pushing it for me! When my friends back in Washington talk about swimming, I know that it is in ice cold water and I can't even comtemplate how that water would feel on my Arizona-acclimated tushie!

So, yes...I'm a big baby about the cold...

But I think that I am meant to live in the desert with the heat and I wouldn't have it any other way!

On that note I will leave you with a couple of photos of my son playing in the pool yesterday.

A running jump...

...followed up with a ninja kick!

 Happy, happy Monday!!



  1. Thanks for the blog visit and sweet comment! I so wish I lived somewhere where it's warm enough to have a pool :) I know what you mean about adjusting to temperature--when it's in the 50s we're pretty happy here :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I'm so jealous of your pool. I live in Idaho where it's either snowing or it's 185 degrees, so I would love to have a pool for the summer. Swimming in the lake gets old pretty quick ;D


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