Thursday, October 7, 2010

Remembering the Past

Have you ever saw something that took your breath away? A photo that takes you to another time and another place…a place of amazing memories?

I came across this photo today and it did just that to me. Just behind my grandparents shop building, on the farm that I grew up on,  once stood a windmill that looked just like this…

American Windmill, Copyright Bucks County Frames

And this afternoon when I saw this photo, I got a little choked up and had a few tears well up in my eyes. I have some amazing memories playing underneath my grandparents’ windmill, playing with my brother and cousins and neighbors. Building forts, playing cops and robbers, riding bikes and enjoying life. My grandmother passed away last October and I miss her so much.

To me this is what art is about…something beautiful, something moving. It might not be that something to all people, but if it can be it to just one person, that’s enough.

You can find the photo and other great photos at Bucks County Frames on etsy or through the artist’s website at Intregity Studio.

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  1. Sorry about your grandma. Smells definitely bring me back to times and places. It's good you took the time to write down this amazing memory.


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