Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Handiwork

My hubby and I finally got to our pumpkin carving tonight. Down here in the desert you can't carve your pumpkins too early or they get pretty gross and moldy...and believe me, we have learned our lesson! It's just too hot down here, even in October. (Today it was 92 degrees!)

Here is what we carved:

My hubby carved the witch and I did the ghost. I think they turned out pretty good and we had such a great time carving them. While we were carving, Caleb was painting since he's still too little to use a knife and afterwards we took the party outside and laid on a blanket in the backyard looking at the stars. 

Pretty good way to start the Halloween weekend, isn't it? Tomorrow we are going to a local "Trunk or Treat" and then traditional trick-or-treating on Sunday. I can't wait!

Happy Halloween!


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