Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Break? (Yeah, right)

Time is just slipping away from me! Gosh the past week just seemed to fly by. I have been hanging with my little boy, swimming, cooking, grocery shopping, working, baking, going to school, putting together a presentation & speech for school, saw Toy Story 3, trying to get my dog to stop jumping our 6 foot block wall to visit the neighbors, enduring the 110+ degree heat, trying to get rid of Mt. Laundry, sneaking in time to read and not getting enough sleep! My husband also got transferred to a new store, and the stress that comes with that was to topping to this hectic time.

It has really been a full past week for us and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon…But, I did get some photos taken to document the craziness. Hopefully I can get some time to get some of them up here!

I also just set up a family photo shoot with an awesome photographer, Rhonda Lewis, for the middle of July. She is offering an awesome summer special for those of us crazy enough to go outside in the summer to get photos. I will post some up when I get them back. She is an amazing photographer and is one of the few who still shoots in film…a true artist!

I can’t help but ask isn’t summer supposed to be the time to get a break and slow everything down? I sure hope that we can get a little break soon…’cause if not I just might lose my mind!!

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