Friday, June 11, 2010

Yet Another List

So, as you can probably tell from previous posts, I like making lists. I make lists for everything. And, I mean EVERYTHING. I start my day with a to do list, I make a cleaning list each weekend, I make lists for goals, I make lists for groceries, I make wish lists, you name it, I have probably made a list about it.

Today, I starting thinking about what my favorite children's movies of all time were and I came up with, yep, you guessed it, another list. While, this list may not be all inclusive, 'cause baby I LOVE movies, it is a listing of some of my most favorite and most cherished movies from my childhood (and beyond).

The Phantom Tollbooth

The Last Unicorn

The Little Mermaid

Beauty & The Beast

Toy Story

The Incredibles

Mary Poppins

The Wizard of Oz

The Neverending Story

The Goonies

The Princess Bride

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

Each and every one of these movies has a memory attached to it. I love each of them for different reasons. Some just because they are classic (Wizard of Oz & Mary Poppins), some because they are great fairy tales written just for little girls (Beauty & The Beast & The Little Mermaid), some for the fun stories (The Goonies & The Neverending Story), some because they are a little weird and explain a lot about my weirdness (The Last Unicorn, The Phantom Tollbooth), some that I have come to love through watching with my son (The Incredibles & Toy Story) and some are just amazing all time favorites (The Princess Bride & Willy Wonka). But no matter what the reason, I love them!

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  1. Are you guys going to go see Toy story 3? We have our tickets hanging up ready to go! We can't wait!!! Great movies by the way! I think between David and I, most of the movies are on our like list too!!


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