Monday, June 7, 2010

Many faces

Last week we visited San Tan Flats out in Queen Creek for the first time. It's a fun "old west" restaurant. You sit at picnic tables outside, order your food at the walk-up bar and enjoy some music while drinking cheap beer (really, seriously cheap...only $2 each!) and enjoying good company!!!

I brought along my camera and found myself taking photos of my adorable little boy most of the evening. In the short time that we were there my little Caleb showed me so many different faces...and I love every single one of them!!!

Here are the many "faces" of Caleb:

The "no pictures mommy!" face

The "something smells stinky" face

The "hey, what's going on over there?" face

The "smile at the camera" face
The "WEEEEE!!!" face

The "WHOAAAA!" face
The "grumpy" face

I just LOVE this kid!


  1. Very cute & I love his Kermit shirt.

  2. Thank you! I got that shirt at H&M in Scottsdale when Suzie was here. Caleb loves Muppets and frogs, so I thought it was perfect for him. He wanted to wear it right away!


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