Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Caleb & Coach Daddy

So now that fall has arrived (at least in theory, 'cause it's still over 100 degrees down here!) and soccer has started again!

Caleb & Chris before their first game
And Chris signed up to coach Caleb's team again. It is so great to see the two of them out there on the field together and Chris is really good at coaching! He's great with the kids and does a good job of trying to teach the basics and making sure the kids learn good sportsmanship. 

Caleb is doing better this year...he seems to actually get the point of the game, even though he needs to work on controlling the ball a little bit better. (If he gets the ball he just goes with it as fast as he can, not paying attention to what direction he is going, who is in his way or where the goal is!)

Chris with some of his team, the Blaze

The back of my little number 5

Caleb on the ground after running into a kid on the opposing team.

One bonus of getting involved in sports at this age is that it is pretty fun to watch. The kids are all so cute and they all have so much fun playing "bunch" ball. (Our nickname for soccer since it's just a bunch of kids chasing the ball around!)

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