Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Putting our dancing shoes on

It was an awesome night in my house tonight because it was DANCE PARTY night! Yes, that is right it was DANCE PARTY night.

Sometimes when hubby is having a late night at work and it is just Caleb and I, we bust out the tumes, move the furniture out of the way, let it all go and we bust out some pretty amazing moves. Well, tonight was one of those nights and in one word it was Epic. That's right, it was epic, amazing and carefree!

Nights like this are one of the reasons that I thank God for gracing me with a child that is so amazing, joyful and carefree. We have so much fun's not about always keeping our schedule or making sure things are in order around the house. It's just about having fun, making great memories and being together.

I have found that one of the best things about having a child is that it helps me to stay reminds me to not let life get me down. Coming home and spending time with someone that doesn't see the bad in the world, someone that knows how to have a good time and someone who's smile can light up the room brings happiness into every part of me!

So I say, take the time to dance. Put all that other stuff that's bugging you to the background, push the furniture out of the way, turn up the music and won't regret it!

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