Sunday, August 22, 2010

Poor Neglected Blog & A Link to a Giveaway!

Sorry I have neglected my poor blog this week, but I have just been busy enjoying and living my life! Nothing super big going on, just loving in my little boy, reading books, catching up on my DVR (ps. I think the DVR is one of the best inventions in history!), spending time with my hubby and and just trying to get through this last little bit of summer. I think everyone in Arizona gets this way at the end of summer...a little lazy and sluggish and daydreaming about being able to get outside again without melting.

Photo from Fresh Cut Flours
New Blog and a Giveaway!
My good friend Melissa's mom just started a new blog. It's called Fresh Cut Flours and it is for her amazing sugar cookies. (Isn't that just a great name for a cookie blog?) Make sure to visit it and enter her drawing for 1 dozen of her absolutely beautifully decorated cookies! I promise you that if you win, you won't be disappointed...her cookies are not only a work of art to look at, but taste amazing! (I know personally how good they are...I think I have eaten a few too many myself, and my hubby is absolutely addicted to them!)

New Recipe Coming Soon!
Lastly, this afternoon I have been baking some banana bread (with some extra special help from my little one) and I hope to have a recipe for it up soon. It's a new recipe for me and I am crossing my fingers that it tastes as good as it smells!


  1. Hi Jenn - Thanks so much for the kind words about my cookies and the "shout out" about my new blog! Hope you are enjoying your new apron!


  2. Hi I just wanted to let you know I found your blog when Googling my name. My name's Jen Schell too!! Happy to see a fellow artistic Jen Schell. Thought it was a funny coincidence!


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