Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Summer is here and today is the first day of swimming lessons for my little one. He is so excited because he is a complete and total water baby. If he could, he would spend all day in the bathtime I always have to pull the plug (literally) and then drag him forcefully to get him out of there.

The real problem now is going to be that our pool isn't warm enough to swim in it, and after today he is going to want to go swimming every day and ask about it EVERY DAY, probably asking 3 times or more per day! Especially since it's starting to get hot down here...I think that it is predicted to be 99 degrees today. I talked to the hubby this morning and convinced him that need needs to put the solar cover on the pool tonight, so hopefully if the weather stays hot we can be swimming in just a couple of weeks.

(Or at least Chris and Caleb can be swimming...I don't even stick my big toe into the water until it's at least 85 degrees. I'm a big baby and I hate being's probably one of the reasons that I do so well down here in the desert, those 100 degree days never bother me!)

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