Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Coach Daddy

This past year Caleb got to play his first season of soccer. Chris and I had always known that we would have him play soccer and we were so happy to find out that Gilbert Youth Soccer offers soccer for three-year-olds.

(Sorry for the crappy photo...I had to scan it and it is pretty dark.)

Shortly after signing up we received an email from the guy heading up the U4 league that stated that he was in need of coaches or not all the kids signed up would be able to play. My hubby stepped right in (after some gently prodding from me) and signed up to coach Caleb's team. I think that Chris enjoyed playing with the kids as much as Caleb did...and sometimes even more!

Of course once you coach one season, you get it into your blood and Chris has already agreed to coach Caleb's team in the fall and some of last year's team and a few friends have already signed up and requested Chris as the coach!

So I guess it's just the start of organized sports for this family and we can already tell from Caleb's enthusiasm for all things sports related that he is going to want to play just about anything that we will let him sign up for! Good thing he gets this from his daddy, 'cause this momma is so extremely uncoordinated that it's funny! (I think that I manage to trip and get bruises on a daily basis...and I don't even know that I am doing it!)

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