Thursday, May 13, 2010

My First Harvest

When I went out to water my little raised garden bed this evening, I noticed that I had my first tomatoes ready to harvest!

And look...right behind the first overacheivers there are more cherry tomatoes just getting ready to ripen!

My first "Big Boy" tomato is also getting ready to go onto my next salad!

And I was also glad to see these big wonderful blooms on my yellow summer squash plant...I really can't wait for these bad boys to be ready!

While there are some good things to report about my first shot at gardening in Arizona, I also had some plants that didn't make it. My peas never even came up...not a single one. And my beans all sprouted, but are just withering away. I think that I got the beans in the ground too late this year, so I will give them another try this fall after it starts to cool back down. But my basil has done well (and has went into a few meals already) and my yellow bell pepper plant is doing well and has doubled in size since planting and it is also blooming, so some peppers should start showing soon!

I am really loving this little garden...this year is a bit of an experiment to see what works and what doesn't, but I am having so much fun and that's what it's all about!


  1. Yipee for you! Gardening in AZ is definitely a learning experience. Our peas/beans also have yet to produce. Fall will be better. Good luck!

  2. It's so much harder than back in Washington...I used to be able to just put seed in the ground, keep them watered and pull weeks and voila, a bountiful harvest! But here, it's definitely a bit harder...but I'm going to keep at it!


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