Sunday, May 9, 2010


So...I finally graduated! My hubby, Caleb and I drove up to Flagstaff on Friday to stay the night before my graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 8th. On the way up we had a couple of incidents of a little boy with carsickness. 'Cause as Chris and I like to joke's not a Schell trip away from home without something going wrong. And this time it just smelled wrong. (And just so you still does, even after airing the car out for the past few days and washing everything in sight!) The trip definitely had it's ups (graduation) and downs (vomiting and crying) but all in all it was a good trip and we definitely have some memories!

So here is our first stop just outside of Camp Verde:

Yep...that's hubby cleaning up our first vomiting experience of the day!

But he still had a smile on his face!

We then stopped just outside of Flagstaff and had to do a little cleanup again. Let's just say that the next time that Caleb tells us that his tummy better bet that we will be listening and believe him!!!

On Saturday was the actual graduation ceremony, but first Caleb needed to see the old train on display in downtown and he and I had daddy take our photo together.

Next was are a few shots taken after it! I am so glad that my two favorite men could be there to celebrate with me!

I am so glad to finally be done, but most of all I am thankful for all my friends and family that supported me in going back and finishing! Thank you!


  1. Cute pics. I love that you got a picture of hubby cleaning up. What a trooper! Congrats!

  2. I am so proud of you Jen!!! And, Chris, you get some major bonus points for smiling after cleaning up puke! I had to do that once, and I was NOT smiling one bit!!

    Miss you guys!!!


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