Thursday, May 27, 2010

Freedom to read

I am so glad to be done with school and I am taking advantage of my new found freedom by indulging in some “reading for fun” as opposed to the “reading to learn” that I have been practicing for the last two plus years.

I am reading anything that I can get my hands on!

I have tackled some chic lit...

Some teen vamp lit....

A little romance...

And, now I am starting to read a couple with a little more meat...

I admit it...I AM A TOTAL BOOKWORM. And I am damn proud of it!!!

As you can tell from my recent reads above, I am definitely not a picky reader. I love to read just about anything. I have a wish list about a mile long on Amazon for what I want to get next. I love getting looking at books on Amazon. There are reviews from real readers about each book and there are also recommendations on each page directing me to another book that is similar or another book that others also bought. I just love it and sometimes could spend hours on there just looking at books. (Yeah right...if I actually ever had hours to do that I am sure that I would find something else that “had” to be done instead.)

So if anyone has any good recommendations for me about what to read next, just post them below. I am always looking for something new!

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  1. Are you on Goodreads? I try to record & rate all the books I read on there, plus I have about 30 books on my "to read" list. Let me know if you have an account. I'll add you as a friend.


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