Friday, April 2, 2010

The way the Schell's dye Easter Eggs...

Last night we had our first experience dyeing Easter eggs since having Caleb and we all had a blast! Caleb did really well and not one drop of dye was found where it shouldn't be. (This is more a comment about me than the three-year-old.) We pulled out the camera during the egg dyeing and got some really photos...

But then hubby decided that we should use the timer on the camera to get a good family photo.

Using the timer starts out all good and nice. Look at this great photo that we got:

But the next thing you know things get a little goofy and man, oh man, it's all downhill from here...

Next came this...

And don't even ask about this one!

Happy Easter from the Schells!


  1. OMG...looks like you had fun!! Happy Easter!!

  2. so cute! i totally wanted to dye eggs but didn't find the time.


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