Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5 Things I Dislike (Vol. I)

1) People That Are Habitually Late – It really drives me batty when someone says that they will be somewhere at a certain time and then isn’t. I understand that unforeseen things can get in the way, but I totally don’t get people that are habitually late. It’s like you are telling me that your time is more important than mine…well, you know what? IT ISN’T!

2) Meat With Bones In It – I really hate having to pick apart my food. I don’t get everyone’s obsession with chicken wings and ribs. UGH…they are so small and you barely get any meat and the little bit of meat that you do get is so not worth the effort. Give me a boneless chicken breast or a boneless steak any day!

3) Texting While Driving – Seriously people, you can already barely drive and now you are going to try to drive while not looking at the road? SERIOUSLY?!?

4) Answering My Text With A Phone Call – Do you not realize that if I had the time to talk that I would have just called you in the first place? Along with this are the people that txt and run. I really dislike that. If you are going to txt me a question, make sure that you are going to be around your phone for at least five minutes after you send it…don’t leave me hanging. And if you don’t have the time to wait for my answer, then send the txt later when you do.

5) Overly Aggressive/Competitive Parents – I mean c’mon people…we all have a hard enough time trying to fit everything in, why do some parents feel the need to always one-up another? Can’t we all just support each other and try to help each other. I love my son and will ALWAYS do things my own way and I will never try making another parent feel bad or feel as if they haven’t done enough. It’s hard enough being a parent as it is…don’t make it even harder on others that may not have the money or time that you do.

Sorry about my little rant here today...but I just get frustrated sometimes. I consider myself to be a considerate person and I feel like there are less and less people that care about others in this world. I try to lookout for the best interests of everyone around me...yes, I take care of myself and my family first, but I also try to look at all situations from different points of views. If there was one thing that I could change in this world it would be getting others to take notice of what is happening around them. Please don't just stay in your own little bubble and forget that what you do on a daily basis is felt by many. Take advantage of that and do more nice things. I know that it sounds trite, but I have decided to make it my own personal mantra "Do more nice things, Do more nice things, Do more nice things"...won't you join me?


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