Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bathroom Remodel

About a month ago, I noticed a wet spot on the wall in our master bathroom. It was about 3 inches in diameter right where the glass shower door meets the wall. My husband and I were a little worried about mold, so we knew that we needed to do something about it...and soon!

My hubby had planned a week of vacation for himself this week, so last week he decided that he would tackle this project while he was off. The first conversation that we had about it was just talking about repairing the drywall and resealing the door to prevent further leaks. The next day we talked a little more and decided that maybe we would instead take apart the shower and tile the shower like we had always wanted to...

But instead this is what happened...

Yep...everything except the tub came out and we, or I should say my hubby is, changing it all! New shower, new floors, new pedestal sinks, new tub surround, new mirrors and light fixtures. We are going with the whole shebang!

So far my hubby has stripped the shower down to the studs, replaced the drywall in the shower and tub surround with concrete board, taped and mudded the new board, and he has built a shower pan from scratch. Tomorrow has the first of the tiling on the schedule...and if everything goes well he should be done by the end of the weekend!

I will post updates as we progress!

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  1. I posted on Remodelaholic's blog but I just wanted to leave you a little note too. This looks so good! You and your husband did a fabulous job!


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