Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nearly Naked Gardening

This year I finally convinced my husband to build me a raised garden bed on my side yard. He constructed it out of natural redwood and it is 8 feet long x 4 feet wide x 1 foot deep. He then went to a landscape yard and bought a garden soil mix and added some good MiracleGro garden soil to the top. We planted tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, basil, green beans, peas, carrots, yellow summer squash, zucchini and cucumbers in it and everything has been doing so good so far!

Here is my little garden just after we planted it:

And here is my "nearly naked gardener" helping mommy to water her garden:

Caleb is so cute everyday about the garden. He just loves "helping" mommy by watering it. He absolutely cracks me up because he tells me some days that he NEEDS to take his pants off to water, "it's the ONLY way to keep from getting wet mommy!" I really have to watch him though...he's pretty good about leaving puddles and thinks that making mud is the reason for watering!

And here was my garden this morning. We planted it about 4 weeks ago and I already have some growth. The only thing that hasn't come up yet are the peas...I am still hoping that they might come up!

The tomatoes have about doubled in size and each of them already have some little baby tomatoes growing on them! I can't wait for the harvesting to begin...I just love the idea of being able to eat fresh homegrown veggies. It's almost like a memorial to my grandmother (she passed away this past October on my birthday), she always had a garden each and every summer and I spent many hours with her in that garden. We would plant it together, water it together, weed it together and eat tomatoes fresh off the vine together. Just being able to do something like this is a way to pass on something that I learned from her to my son and it's like she is still here with me.

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  1. so jealous about your garden!! i have to take a pic of my $1 little mini target-bought "pots" of chives, oregano and far they're still alive, but... who knows how long that'll last for :)


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