Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Magic Wand (Or the story of how babies are made)

Actual conversation in the car a couple of weeks ago: 

Caleb: Mommy I want a baby. Can we have another baby?

Me: Ask your dad.

Chris: (Ever the super practical, money man) Well you like to go on trips, get new toys, and do lots of things? If we had another baby it would be hard to do those things.

Caleb: Oh...ok. But how do baby's get inside a mommy's belly?

Me: It's magic.

Caleb: ohhhhh.....ok.

About 3 minutes pass.

Caleb: (in a VERY excited voice!!) I GET IT! I GET IT! A BABY GETS IN MOMMY'S BELLY WHEN A DADDY USES HIS MAGIC WAND. RIGHT?!? 'Cause it's magic, right?!?

Chris and I in unison: Ummmmm....yeah. That's exactly how it works! Daddy's magic wand puts a baby in mommy's belly.

And then we laughed uncontrollably for at least 10 minutes...while Caleb sat in the backseat asking why we were laughing. And every time I think about this I am still laughing. And laughing.

And laughing!


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