Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Grasshopper Time!

Fall is here in AZ which means that it's time for things to get super crazy busy around here!!

Since it is always so hot here during the summer months most people just hideout indoors and we pray for the cooler weather to come. And now, since it is finally cooling down it's time for some fall sports. This season Chris is coaching Caleb's soccer team again (they named themselves the Grasshoppers!) and they are having so much fun! Their first game was 2 Saturday's ago and Caleb scored 2 goals in his first game and another one this past Saturday. And let me tell you that I am one proud mommy!

Chris and his team...the Grasshoppers!
Chris working with the kiddos
Going in for the steal!
And boy oh boy, can my little one take a fall!
Waiting for the game to start
Goofing around at halftime
That smile on his face says it all...he absolutely LOVES playing soccer!
Caleb getting his first goal of the season!


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  1. What great photos these are! And congrats to your little dude on his goal...that's a big deal!!


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