Thursday, September 22, 2011

TaylorThis - Simply ADORABLE!!

Have I ever mentioned before how awesome my friends are? If I haven't I probably should...because well, they are! Along with being great people, many of them are also extremely talented. One of these truly talented ladies is my good friend and fellow blogger, Melissa. 
She is a photographer, crafter and owner of a super cute Etsy shop called TaylorThis! Her shop is full of great stuff for little bows, hair clips, corkers and her newest creations, legwarmers!

Here are a few of my favorite items available in her shop right now:

Purple hair clips and adorable legwarmers with ruffles!

Legwarmers (both blue & pink...for your tomboy or girlie girl) and corkers!

And who doesn't love a little cutie in Halloween colors?!?

So as a little incentive (as if you even needed one!) to buy some stuff from TaylorThis she is offering my followers FREE shipping on any order! Just enter the coupon code READY4FALL when you place your order!!


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