Friday, August 5, 2011

Edit Me - Week 12

I know, I know...two editing posts in a row, but I am on a roll this week working with photos. (Probably because I haven't had time to get behind my camera this week, so I am getting my creative on by working on others' photos!) This week's photo was provided by Carrie at Page's Memories, check out my edit below!

For my edit I just wanted a really clean, black & white look. First I cropped the image, because the horizon looked off because it was at such an exaggerated angle. Then I sharpened it and used an action from Totally Rad called Bitchin' B&W. I then brightened up the white just a bit and added a slight vignette to the photo. And that was it! 

The original image is to the right...

Check out other edits by clicking on the button below to head over to Branson's blog, My Reflection of Something. Have a great weekend!

 My Reflection of Something



  1. Your black and white turned out wonderful! It is crisp and clean and the crop is great too! :)

  2. Wonderful choice on the black and white! The picture looks great!


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