Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The story about that time that I made out with the bartender

Yeah, you read that right. This is the story about the time that I made out with a bartender. But this story has two sides to it.

There is the story about what REALLY happened.

And then there is the story about what two drunk men think happened.

When we were on our little excursion down to southern Arizona at the beginning of the month we stopped into a local pizza joint in Bisbee for dinner. And let me tell you that it was a great place to eat at. The pizza was from a wood fired oven. The No Besos Para Ti appetizer was amazing and garlic-y, the beer--phenomenal, and the pizza was seriously out of this world good. Our waitress was great. We sat outside and let the children run amok (we were the only ones on the back patio, so they weren't bothering anyone and they got some excess energy out!).

Chris & Caleb exploring the back patios of the restaurant
We enjoyed our time, relaxed and conversed with some of the amazing people that worked there...including one of the girls nicknamed "cuddles." And yes, I did ask for some cuddles, but she did not oblige me. (I possibly just scared her...)

Wood pile for the wood-fired pizza oven
Then as we were leaving I noticed one of the women that was working behind the bar was having a little situation with a man just outside in the parking lot. I could tell that it wasn't a great situation and that mostly it was the man just being an asshat to her. Calling her names, and just not getting it. (Turns out he didn't like that he couldn't bring in his own bottle of wine to drink with dinner...it wasn't something that they could do with the type of liquor license that they had. He just didn't get it and thought they were being "mean." Again I say...asshat.)

Noticing that she was upset about the exchange, I did a typical "Jen" thing and I went back inside to tell her how much we enjoyed our meal and our time at her restaurant. I knew that she needed to hear something good after such a sucky "conversation" with that asshat. (You see...this is just something that I often do, and my husband thinks that it's weird...I can't stand to see people upset, especially when they don't deserve it. And she didn't. Not at all. It doesn't matter to me if someone is a stranger. Sometimes kind words can make all the difference in the world!)

Now we get to the part in the story about me "making-out" with the bartender. After I told her how much we enjoyed ourselves, she grabbed me and hugged me. Then she began kissing my cheeks and saying "bella...thank you!" & "oh bella...you are wonderful." It was a very touching moment. I felt full of happiness for dissolving her rotten mood and I could tell that she was grateful for me taking the time to tell her that we had a good time and enjoyed the food.

I then walked outside to get into the car to go back to our hotel. The end of my story. Simple. Straightforward. Sweet. But...

Here is where the "other" view of the story comes into play.

Immediately as I opened the door to our rented mini-van the two men (one of which was my husband) began excitedly to tell me about how they had saw two women "totally making out in the restaurant!" I then told them that it had been me with the bartender.

I was quickly interrupted and before I could tell them that what they thought they saw was wrong, they exclaimed excitedly "YOU made out with the bartender!! Wow, she was HOT!"

Yes, in their drunken stupor what they saw was actually the exchange between the bartender and I. The moment that was really sweet and included a hug and a kiss on the cheek from a grateful woman, was a huge make out session to these two men. Ugh. I then had to calm them down and tell them what really happened.

All that I can say is...




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  1. OMG, I laughed so hard at this. You just have to love men and their active imaginations.

    Go you! You are so wonderful and kind!


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