Thursday, June 23, 2011

Edit Me Challenge - Week 6

I found this week's Edit Me challenge over at My Reflection of Something to be a little hard for me...I wasn't as inspired as I usually am. I think that it is all the stress at work (working on lots and lots of projects right now) and the heat of the summer getting to me! It's been anywhere from 113 degrees to 115 degrees the past few days and that heat just about takes all I've got in me to just to get through the necessary functions of my day, not leaving a whole lot room for anything else.

Original Photo

My edit

For my edit this week I used some actions from Totally Rad. Here is my formula:

1) Cleaned up the photo and added some contrast into it
2) f/zero action @ 35%
3) Homestead action @ 100%
4) Dirty Lovin texture @ 100%
5) Dirty Birdie texture @ 100%
6) Dirty Diana texture @ 85%
7) Dirty & Used Up texture @ 15%
8)  Finally I added a vignette & a little blur around the edges

So a quick question to all of you...

What do you do to recapture your creative "mojo" when you get burned out? Take a vacation? Girl's Night Out? Do you just push through it?



  1. Oh that's fun! I like how it looks like faded paper.

  2. I actually really love your edit - very unique take on the challenge. Love it.

  3. I love the added texture!

  4. Gotta love the names of those textures, lol. I really love your edit... it is very cool! Sometimes just playing like this is what gets me back in a creative mood!

    So sorry it took me so long to make the comment rounds on this one!


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